During the configuration of your PayPal account, you may encounter some errors. Most are easy to fix, but others take more work to figure out. Below is one such error.

While connecting your PayPal account, you may run into the following error:

The error description is "We are not able to process your payment using your PayPal account at this time".

How to solve this error

There is no surefire way to fix this error. However, you should try the following steps. Log in to your PayPal account at www.paypal.com and:

  • make sure that your account has been validated,

  • remove old credit cards with expired dates,

  • remove email addresses that are no longer valid, and

  • remove physical addresses that are no longer valid.

Generally, the idea is to "clean" your PayPal account. This has been the way to solve this specific error for some users.

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