For some projects, it's useful to keep a marketplace private so visitors who are not users can't view its content.
This is useful if you want to preserve privacy or keep your marketplace content "hidden" to the world.

What is a private marketplace?

If your marketplace is private, only logged-in users (users who have a confirmed account and who signed-in) can see the content (listings, ...).
Users who are not logged-in will see the homepage where you can customize some content to explain the situation.

What are the impacts of making the marketplace private

If you set your marketplace as private:

  • unlogged users won't be able to view the marketplace listings
  • sharing buttons on each listing pages (Facebook and Twitter buttons) will be disabled
  • the RSS/Atom feed won't contain any information
  • sitemap will be disabled

How to make your marketplace private

To enable the "Private" feature:

  • log in as an administrator,
  • open your Admin panel,
  • go to "General / Privacy",
  • in the "Private marketplace" section, check the "Make marketplace private (users must log in to browse listings and user profiles)" box,
  • save settings.

That's it! This is active immediately.

You can now add some instructions texts visible to unlogged users.

How to edit content visible to unlogged user on the homepage for private marketplaces

It's important to explain to visitors who don't have an account in your marketplace yet or are not logged in why they can't browse any content.
To write some content there:

  • log in as an administrator,
  • open your Admin panel,
  • go to "General / Privacy",
  • scroll down to the "Private marketplace landing page content" section
  • click the "Open in editor" button,
  • add your content,
  • save.

That's it! This is active immediately.

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