How to get a RSS/Atom feed of all listings in your marketplace

All listings in your marketplace are automatically added to an RSS/Atom feed. You can use that feed with third-party services to build some automation.

How to access the RSS/Atom feed for listings?

You can find your RSS/Atom feed at

The RSS/Atom feed is only available in public marketplace. If your marketplace is private, this feed won't contain any information.

What does the RSS/Atom feed contain?

The feed contains the most recent listings in your marketplace.
Each entry lists the listing:

  • URL
  • publication date and time
  • last update date and time
  • title
  • unique ID
  • description text
  • first picture
  • category
  • price, currency and pricing unit
  • order type
  • author name
  • address and geolocation
  • number of comments

It is automatically updated whenever a new listing is published.

What can you do with this feed?

You can follow that RSS/Atom feed in your preferred RSS/Atom ready (like Feedly).

You can also use it as a source for automation tasks with third-party services like IFTTT.
You can then build some advanced automated task like auto-post on Facebook/Twitter, receive an email/notification when a new listing is posted by a user, etc.

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