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Guide to using cover photos, slogan and description
Guide to using cover photos, slogan and description

How to add a cover photo, how to change slogan and description

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You can add a cover photo, a slogan, and a description shown to all the users that visit your site for the first time. You should invest some time into making this section of your marketplace look attractive since it's the first thing your new users will see. A good cover photo can make the difference between a new visitor joining or leaving your marketplace. The slogan and description help new visitors understand what your marketplace is about. They are the first thing visitors notice when they land on your site, so try to make them compact but descriptive.

Cover photo

You can add a cover photo by going to the "Design / Cover photos" page of your Admin panel. The cover photo is shown on the homepage for non-logged-in users. The image size should be 1920x450 pixels. If you use a photo with any other size, it will be resized automatically, and taller images will be cut in the middle (top and bottom will be cropped). To enjoy the best results, you should use the recommended size.

The small cover photo

In addition to the big cover photo, you need to upload a small cover photo, 1920x96px. The small cover photo is shown to users who have signed in to your marketplace. 

If you have issues uploading an image, please try to wait a few minutes and refresh the page, and if no image shows, try again if there was a connection issue. 

Note that even when you have uploaded an image correctly, it will show “No file chosen”.

Check out this article if you are thinking about how to get a good looking cover photo, And this one f you are wondering where to find commercially free photos, where we have listed several sites.

Slogan and Description

The slogan and description are contained within the cover photo. You can add a slogan and a description by going to your Admin panel's "General / Essentials" page.

Can I change the color of the Slogan and Description?

Yes, you can! You can do it by going to the "General / Essentials" page of your Admin panel and using the selector to set a color value for each one of them.

Is it possible to hide the slogan and description?

Yes, it is! You can choose to show the slogan and description on your homepage or not. However, it is important to write a slogan and description, even if you choose to hide them. Why? Because this information will still be shown in social media, browsers, and search engines. 

Why can't I see my cover photo when I land on the site?

The cover photo is shown on the homepage only for non-logged-in users. If you are already logged in, you won't be shown the cover photo.

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