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Add links to the top bar, hide the default ones, change the logo link, customize the "Post a new listing" button and more!

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You can do all this from the "Design / Top bar" section of your Admin panel.

How to customize the "Post a new listing" button label

You can do it by adding a custom label in the section "Post a new listing button text". You should do this for every language available in your marketplace.

How to hide the default top bar links

This feature is only available for the New Layout top bar.

By default, three links are visible in the top bar: About, Contact us and Invite new members.

You can hide them if you want to by disabling the corresponding checkbox in the "Default menu links" section.

Note that the "Display link to Invite new members page in top bar" option is automatically disabled if you have not enabled the Invitation feature.

How to add more links to the top bar

To add customized links to your marketplace you only need to click on the "Add a new link to menu" option.

Fill in the link's name and add a URL to indicate where the link will be pointing. 

Internal links will open in the same tab, while external links will open in a new tab.

How to change the link of the top bar logo

By default, the logo has a link that redirects to the homepage of the Custom Landing Page.

If you want to, you can edit that link in the "Logo link" section so that it redirects to anything you'd like.

How to determine the number of displayed links

This feature is only available for the New Layout top bar.

You can select the maximum number of links displayed in the top bar, in the "Menu links display" section. Depending on the number you select, the rest of the links will be within a dropdown menu next to the displayed links.

Can I change the order of the displayed links?

You can change the order of the custom links. However, it is not possible to change the order of the default displayed links or the custom links in relation to the default links.

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