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Learn what can the display name be used for and how to change it.

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On some marketplaces, some users represent organizations rather than individuals. Because of this, they might want to have the option of displaying the name of their organization instead of their own first and last names.

Also, on some marketplaces, some users might just prefer to remain anonymous under a nickname to other users, even though they need to provide their first name and last name to the marketplace administrator.

Both these options are possible now with the "Display Name" feature. Within their profile information, the user can choose to add a display name. If they add a display name, it will be shown to all the other users regardless of their first and last name.

What happens if a user deletes their display name?

If a user deletes the display name, the name shown in their profile will default to the first and last name, according to what the marketplace administrator has selected in the "Design / Arrangement" page of the Admin panel.

Can I disable this feature so users can't add a display name?

At the moment, it is not possible to disable this feature. If a user chooses to add a display name, it will override the Admin panel's selection of first name and last name display options.

As an admin, where can I see the user's display name?

If you go to the "Users / Manage users" page of your Admin panel, you will be able to see the display name for those people who have added one. It is right next to the first and last name. If a user hasn't selected a display name, it won't be visible.

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