An experienced entrepreneur and Sharetribe user Rich Peterson have created a comprehensive video course, "Building a Marketplace Using Sharetribe", which covers all the details of setting up your marketplace with Sharetribe. If you follow the link above, you'll get the course for only $15. If you decide to subscribe to one of Sharetribe's paid plans, we'll refund the course's cost to you on your second invoice.

How to access the video course

You can watch the entire course by clicking here. This course comes with a 50% discount!

How to get a $15 refund for the video course

If you complete the entire video course and subscribe to a paid plan at Sharetribe, we'll be happy to offer a $15 discount on your second Sharetribe invoice!

There are a few conditions:

  • you have to complete the video course entirely

  • you have to subscribe to a paid plan at Sharetribe

  • the coupon will be applied to your second Sharetribe invoice

To get the refund:

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