To offer a great browsing experience, Sharetribe uses cookies in its system. In the European Union, websites have to let their visitors know about this.
Right now, this isn't integrated within Sharetribe as it can be quite specific, but there are solutions to add it.

Lots of services offer easy ways to quickly gather some code to provide a cookie consent pop-up. One of them is from WebsitePolicies To configure it, you should:

Keep the code you copied to add it to your marketplace!

Add your cookie-consent code to your marketplace

To enable it, you should:

  • log in with your administrator account in your marketplace,

  • open your Admin panel,

  • go to the " Advanced / Custom script" section,

  • paste the code created earlier in the "Custom head code" section,

  • save.

That's it! Your custom cookie consent pop-up will be visible to all your visitors!

What are cookies used for in a Sharetribe marketplace?

Cookies used for end-users (your visitors)

Right now, Sharetribe cookies are only used to store a session_id  value. Later in the Sharetribe system, this value is used to find who this user is and adapt the display based on their settings.

The cookie is named _st_com_session  At present, these cookies are not used to store any personal information. This cookie is valid for 1 month.

Sharetribe also tracks end-users visits for anonymous analytics purposes. To that end, Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager are two additional cookies. However, you can disable that Sharetribe Analytics anytime in your Admin panel.

If you have enabled social logins, there may be some cookies from Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn. You can manage social logins in your Admin panel to disable these services if you prefer.

If you have location services enabled some cookies from Google Maps are used. In particular the "NID" cookie. You can disable location features if you prefer and these cookies will not be used.

Finally, you may also have your own additional services (for example, added through the custom script, or if you host YouTube videos in static content pages, ...). They may have their own cookies, so it's good to review your own customizations.

Cookies used for admins

For admins, but not end-users, Sharetribe also uses Google Analytics, KissMetrics, New Relic, and Intercom, which manage their own cookies. You can learn more about their privacy policy on their websites and find the full list here.

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