Enable listing comments

As a marketplace administrator, you can enable a commenting feature to allow users to add public comments to each listing.

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How to activate commenting in a marketplace?

To enable this feature:

  • log in as an administrator,

  • open your Admin panel,

  • go to "Listings / Listing comments",

  • in the "Listing comments" section, check the "Allow users to post comments to listings (visible to all other users)" box,

  • save.

That's it! Users can now post public comments on all open listings.

Is it possible to delete or edit comments?

Marketplace administrators can delete any comment. Authors can delete their own comments. Read more about deleting comments in this article.

Currently, it is not possible to edit comments.

Who can view comments?

Comments are visible to everyone in your marketplace. If your marketplace is private, they are only visible to logged in marketplace users.

What can you do with the commenting feature?

There are lots of potential ways to use the commenting feature:

  • Use it to simulate auction functionality, where people can post their bids on the specific listing. 

  • Use it as a review system. This is especially useful if you're not using Sharetribe's online payment system, since in this case, our normal user review system is not available.

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