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Deleting a comment for a listing

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If the "Allow users to post comments to listings" has been enabled for your marketplace from the admin panel, users can publish comments that are visible to everyone on listings. In certain cases, users and administrators may want to delete comments.

Remove a comment on a listing

Comments on listings can be easily deleted by administrators and by the comment author. Users who are not administrators are not allowed to delete other peoples' comments.

To delete a comment:

  • log in as an administrator or the comment's author,

  • open the page where the comment was published,

  • next to the comment's publication date, click the Delete button,

  • if you are sure that you want to delete it, click OK in the warning pop-up.

That's it! The comment will be deleted immediately.

Is it possible to restore a deleted comment?

Currently, it is not possible to restore a deleted comment. For this reason, you should be careful when deleting comments as it won't be possible to retrieve them once deleted.

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