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Reorder listings, what to do if a picture is stuck in processing. Get the answer to if images can be mandatory.

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When a seller creates a listing, they can add pictures to the listing. The primary image is displayed on your marketplace homepage with the title of the listing.

Is there a limit to the number of pictures in a listing?

A seller can upload as many pictures as they want for their listings, there is no limit.

Can I reorder the images once they are uploaded?

You can simply drag and drop images when creating or editing a listing. This also works on mobile.

Listing image dimension

We've shared details about the ideal listing image size, ratio and cropping here. Have a look!

Can I make images mandatory?

At this time it is not possible to make listing images mandatory.

Listing image is stuck in processing 

This often solves itself after a couple of minutes. If it has not uploaded after a couple of minutes and you have tried to refresh the page contact Sharetribe support and provide the link for the listing and we will help.

You can contact support through the support widget on your marketplace or send an email to

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