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Export basic user details to CSV file
Export basic user details to CSV file

You can easily export the email addresses and other details of your users to a CSV file (that can be viewed in Excel)

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How to download the emails of your users

You can easily export the email addresses and other details of your users to a CSV file (that can be viewed in Excel) with the following steps:

  1. Log in to your marketplace as an administrator.

  2. Open your Admin panel.

  3. Open the "Users / Manage users" page.

  4. Click the "Export to CSV" link in the top right, above the table.

The download will start automatically.

Note: only administrators can export user information.

What does the users export file contain?

The export contains all the users of your marketplace (except users who have deleted their account) and their emails, along with some other data. Here are the columns of the file explained:

  • user_id: the unique id of the user,

  • first_name: the first name of the user,

  • last_name: the last name of the user,

  • display_name: the display name chosen by the user,

  • username: the username of the user,

  • phone_number: the phone number of the user,

  • address: the address of the user,

  • email_address: the email address of your user,

  • email_address_confirmed: the status of the email address (true: email confirmed, false: email not confirmed),

  • joined_at: the datetime (UTC) when the user signed up,

  • status: the status of the user account (accepted: is a user in your marketplace, pending_consent: user hasn't accepted marketplace terms yet, pending_email_confirmation: user hasn't confirmed their email address yet, banned: account disabled by the administrators),

  • is_admin: the administrator privileges of your user (true: is an administrator, false: is not an administrator),

  • accept_emails_from_admin: choice of the user to receive emails from admins (true: it's OK for the admin to send notifications or newsletters to this email address, false: you shouldn't send notifications to this email address).

  • language: language selected by the user (example en is English, fr is French...).

  • can_post_listings: posting privilege of the user (true: user can post listings, false: user can't post listings).

  • has_connected_paypal: if the user has connected their PayPal account properly, this is true. If they haven't yet, this is false.

  • has_connected_stripe: if the user has connected their bank details (via Stripe) properly, this is true. If they haven't yet, this is false.

Note: as a user can have multiple emails defined in your marketplace, the same user can be listed on two or more rows: each row will contain a different email.

What is the export format?

You'll be able to download a CSV (Comma Separated Value) file. This is a text file where a comma separates all fields. You can open that file with any text or spreadsheet editor (like Notepad or Excel). It is not encrypted or password protected.

Here are more technical details on the file format:

  • Fields are separated by the comma (,) symbol.

  • Fields are enclosed with the quote (") symbol.

  • There is a header row.

  • File encoding is UTF-8.

What can you do with this data?

Lots of things! For example, you can:

  • Easily search for a specific user,

  • Import the data to a third-party email service like MailChimp,

  • See which of your users haven't confirmed their email addresses yet, and approach them,

  • Store it to keep it as a backup,

  • ...and more!

Did you know that you can also export your listing and transaction information as a CSV file? Click here to learn more about listing export and here to learn more about transaction export!

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