Are there other ways to get custom features for my site?

If you would like to add custom functionality to your Sharetribe marketplace, there are a few ways with which to achieve this.

Sharetribe Flex
Sharetribe's latest product, Sharetribe Flex, offers full control over the front-end and is a great way to customize your marketplace!

You can learn more at 

Use custom CSS and JavaScript

If you only need to make changes to Sharetribe's user interface, you may be able to accomplish it with JavaScript and CSS. It is possible to add custom JavaScript and CSS to the <head> tag of all Sharetribe pages. Read the help center article for more information.

Customize the Community Edition of Sharetribe Go

If you need to make major changes to Sharetribe Go, it is always possible to host the Community Edition of Sharetribe Go yourself and make any desired changes. This option requires deep technical expertise, especially with Ruby on Rails, web technologies and hosting.

If you are considering this option, it is good idea to read about the differences between the Community Edition and hosted versions.

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