Digital files and digital product sales

Some projects are not about physical products but about files (mp3, doc, pdf or even videos).

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In those projects, sellers want to list digital files.

Does Sharetribe provide a way to host and sell digital files?

Sharetribe does not currently have direct support for selling digital files. This means that there is no functionality that would automatically allow the buyer to download a file after making a purchase.

Alternative solutions: host the file on another service and share the link

With that approach, the seller must send the file after the payment is confirmed. They can host it on a third party service (Dropbox, Google Drive...) and share the link in the transaction conversation.
This is comparable to sending physical items: once a purchase is confirmed, the seller sends the sold goods.

Will this feature be available in the future?

Better digital product support is occasionally asked for. It will likely be added at some point, but unfortunately, we don't have a precise timeline for it.

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