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Sharetribe works on mobile devices, but we don't currently have a way to make your marketplace into a native app.

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Mobile usage is growing at a tremendous pace. It's important that users can use your marketplace on a mobile phone as well. This is why Sharetribe has been built using responsive design, meaning the website will work with any screen size.

Does Sharetribe offer mobile apps?

Sharetribe does not currently offer official iPhone, Android, or other mobile apps.

However, some of our customers were able to build one using third-party services like PhoneGap or This can be done by wrapping Sharetribe's responsive mobile web layout inside a native app. The Sharetribe team doesn't have first-hand experience with those services, but our customers reported that they were easy to use and worked well.

Does that mean Sharetribe doesn't work on mobile phones?

Definitely not! Sharetribe has been built as a responsive website, which means that it works great on mobile phones (and tablets) as well.

Users can access your marketplace with their mobile browser and use it as if they were on a desktop. They will be presented with a lighter layout that fits their screen size. All Sharetribe features are available on mobile sizes as well.

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