You and your users can delete user accounts anytime. Be careful, this cannot be undone!

How admins can delete a user account

To delete, forever, an account on a user's behalf:

  1. Log in to your marketplace

  2. Visit your Admin panel

  3. Go to the "Users / Manage users" page

  4. Find the user

  5. From the Actions column, delete the user account and confirm

That's it!

How users can delete their own user account

Users can delete their account from their personal settings:

  1. Log in to the marketplace.

  2. From the top bar, click on the profile picture and choose Settings.

    3. Open “Settings” and switch to the “Account” tab.

   4. Follow the instructions and click “Permanently delete my account”.

What information is deleted when a user account is removed?

When an account is deleted, all personal information (such as name, phone number, address, email, profile picture, payout details, etc.) are removed. All the listings created by the user will be removed as well.

Interactions with other users (such as conversations with other people, transactions, reviews given to others, comments, etc.) are not deleted. However, the username will no longer be displayed next to this content. The username will no longer be available to use.

Is it possible to delete a user account at any time?

A user account can't be deleted if they have pending transactions. As soon as all transactions are completed, the user account can be deleted.

Is it possible to recover a deleted user account?

Recovering a deleted user account is not possible. Delete an account with caution!

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