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Google Universal Analytics events (deprecated, not supported with GA4)
Google Universal Analytics events (deprecated, not supported with GA4)

Some analytics events are built-in Sharetribe Go. They are only available with Google Universal Analytics and are no longer maintained.

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If you're still using Google Universal Analytics, you may be able to collect data from the default built-in analytics events in Sharetribe Go.

This feature is no longer maintained by the Sharetribe team. It doesn't work with Google Analytics 4.

They are tracked in your marketplace as soon as you've configured Google Analytics. You can view events in your Google Analytics account, in the "Behavior > Events" section.

Here is a list of the events tracked by default (format: description; event category; event action; event label):

  • User signs up with email: user ; signed up ; normal form

  • User signs up with Facebook Connect: user ; signed up ; facebook

  • User deletes their account: user ; deleted ; by user

  • User creates a new listing: listing ; created ; null

  • User comments on a listing: listing ; commented ; null

  • User posts a new message in a conversation or transaction thread: message ; sent ; null

  • Admin exports user list to CSV file: admin ; export ; users

  • User goes through the paid transaction flow (preauthorize, accepts, rejects, redirect to PayPal...)

  • Admin goes through some onboarding steps and activities (view list)

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