Stripe Connect Onboarding makes it easy for sellers to add their payment details. This feature from Stripe is already included in your Stripe fees.

If your marketplace was created before January 2023 and you want to use Connect Onboarding, you should:

  • Update some configurations in your Stripe Dashboard

  • Enable Stripe Connect Onboarding from your Sharetribe Go Admin panel

Sellers in your marketplace don't have anything to do. After Stripe Connect Onboarding has been enabled, they'll automatically use it without any required action from them.

If you have not created and configured your Stripe account in the past, visit this article to follow the full instructions instead.

Configure Stripe Connect Onboarding in your Stripe Dashboard

To configure Stripe Connect Onboarding in your Stripe Dashboard, you should:

  1. Go to and log in with your Stripe credentials

  2. From the top bar, go to Settings (the gear icon) then Settings under the Connect heading.

  3. Make sure that Custom is enabled in the Account types section then click on "Manage" for Custom

    • There should be a blue tick next to "Custom", as shown in the screenshot below

  4. Turn on "Allow Stripe to collect bank account information of authenticated users" with the toggle, then save

    • If you don't complete that step, sellers in your marketplace will not be able to add their payment details!

  5. Back on the page, scroll down to the "Branding" section. There, add your marketplace and business name, its logo and icon, and its colors. Then save.

    • This will be used to brand the online form your sellers will use to add their payment details.

Great, Stripe is configured! You now have to enable Stripe Connect Onboarding in your Sharetribe Go marketplace Admin panel.

Enable Stripe Connect Onboarding from your Sharetribe Go Admin panel

In order to enable Connect Onboarding in your marketplace, you should:

  1. Log in to your marketplace with your admin account

  2. Visit your Admin panel

  3. Go to the "Payment system / Stripe settings" page

  4. Click the "Enable Stripe Connect Onboarding" link in the "Start using Stripe Connect Onboarding" section

  5. Confirm that you have configured everything required, in your Stripe Dashboard (see the first part of this article), then save.

That's it! Stripe Connect Onboarding is now enabled on your marketplace!

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