What is Stripe Connect Onboarding

Stripe Connect Onboarding makes it easier for sellers to add their payout details and is included in your Stripe fees.

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With Stripe Connect Onboarding, sellers in your marketplace can add and manage their payout details through a Stripe user interface.

What are the benefits of Connect Onboarding

With Connect Onboarding, your providers get a great user experience:

  • Adding and editing payout details is easy and smooth. And the experience is constantly improved by Stripe.

  • The payout details forms get all updates right away. Whenever there’s a change to Stripe’s required verification documents, the option to add them is available without delay.

  • Connect Onboarding supports individual and business payouts. Individuals and companies can connect their business account details to their Sharetribe Go profiles.

There are no additional Stripe costs for marketplace operators to use Connect Onboarding: this is included in the Stripe fees.

How does Connect Onboarding look

When a seller in your marketplace adds or edits their payout details with Connect Onboarding enabled, they are first asked to choose their account type and country.

Then, they are redirected to an online form and page hosted at Stripe. This page follows the branding you've defined in your Stripe Dashboard.

They may be asked to input additional information or upload verification documents.

You can test Stripe Connect Onboarding at https://rocketdeliveries.io, a demo website built by Stripe.

How to enable Connect Onboarding in a Sharetribe Go marketplace

If your marketplace was created after January 2023, you can follow the full instructions on how to set up Stripe in your marketplace.

If your marketplace was created before January 2023 and Stripe has already been configured in your marketplace, you should take a few extra steps to configure and enable Connect Onboarding.

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