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The size of the logo file I uploaded is correct but it still keeps getting cropped and doesn't fit properly in the logo area. Why?

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Chances are your logo is not following Sharetribe's size guidelines. This means that the image's aspect ratio (the relation between its width and height) is not correct.

Ideally, the logo should be exactly 336x80 pixels, even though the actual logo size is 168x40 on desktop screens. The reason for the logo to be this size is that "retina" and high dpi displays (like those in most iPhones and MacBooks) will use the 336x80px version.

The recommended exact pixel size of the logo is 336x80 px, which makes the aspect ratio 336 / 80 = 4.2 : 1. In other words, the width is 4.2 times larger than the height. If the image you upload has any other ratio than 4.2 : 1, it will get cropped automatically when you upload it, which usually results in parts of the image being cut off.

Be sure to check that both the width and the height of the image you upload are correct. A common issue is to take into consideration only one aspect. Some of our users take an existing logo file and resize it to 336px in an image processing program. This is not enough: if the aspect ratio of the image is different than 4.2:1 (that is the aspect ratio of a 336x80px file), your logo file will then have a height that is different from the recommended 80px. For instance, if your logo file size is 672x200px and you resize it so that the width is 336px, the height would then be 100px, which would mean the image would get cropped.

As an example of the cropping, consider this logo:  

Its size is 336x65px. Even though the width is correct, the height is not. If you upload this file as a logo to your marketplace, you will get as a result something like this: 

To resolve this issue, you would need to make sure that the image's aspect ratio is correct. An easy solution is to create a new file (in any image processing program) with the size 336x80px and copy-paste your logo there. This would add some white space to the top and bottom. Now the aspect ratio of the logo should be correct.

To learn more about how to get great-looking images in your marketplace, take a look at our help center's article. 

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